Best VPN for Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is a fantastic site for anybody wanting to watch the latest American TV series and films, but it’s not available to people located outside the United States. Or is it? TV fans located outside the US can watch Hulu Plus and stream media from the site if they set up Smart DNS or VPNs. Any VPN or Smart DNS service gets around geo-restrictions allowing consumers to watch Hulu Plus and other popular channels while living or working outside the US.

Hulu is just one of many popular streaming sites that is blocked outside the United States. The Hulu service is supported on a number of devices, including Android, XBox One, Wii, Roku, Apple TV and Smart TVs, so when the service is unblocked it’s possible to watch programmes on a range of Internet-enabled devices.

Expats and frequent travellers can watch all their favourite series and movies on Hulu Plus when they choose to use Smart DNS services or access Hulu via an encrypted VPN tunnel. Locational blocks are lifted when consumers use either of these methods as both services provide locational evidence the consumer is situated within the United States, so all that’s then needed is to register with Hulu.

With Smart DNS services, customers can stream media from Hulu Plus to any Internet-enabled devices, including Smart TVs, set top boxes, computers,mobile devices games consoles or Roku. It’s simple to set up Smart DNS services in any environment, just a case of switching the DNS server codes on all the required Internet-enabled devices. Customers can relax while watching the latest American sitcoms, series and films on the comfort of a large TV screen.

How to unblock Hulu Plus with VPN or SmartDNS?

Smart DNS can be used on mobile devices while customers are on the move, or unable to access larger screen devices. The speed of streamed media provided with Smart DNS tends to be at original speeds, so customers will experience no slow down in data transfer and accessing Hulu Plus from anywhere in the world really is just as simple as this.

Smart DNS providers list all their unblocked channels on company websites and it’s possible to access many of the most popular streaming sites in the world using a Smart DNS service.

VPNs, on the other hand, work by masking customer IP address with an IP allocated by the chosen server. Customers wanting to watch Hulu Plus from outside the United States need to select a server within the US, then it’s just a matter of logging into Hulu to access the complete media library. The added benefits of VPNS make them an ideal choice for consumers who wish to remain anonymous online.

VPNs are ideal for consumers wishing to carry out P2P activities and the secure encryption ensures all online activity is secure, even in notoriously insecure mobile situations such as WiFi hotspots. Accessing blocked sites from anywhere in the world is an easy matter with a VPN that offers servers located in the relevant countries.

Unblocking Hulu Plus, Netflix or HBO Go with a VPN is merely a case of registering for the services, providing a valid address within the United States and then sitting back to stream popular media any time of day or night.

As can be seen, unblocking Hulu from outside the United States is really quite a simple matter when customers sign up for VPNs or Smart DNS services. Some providers throw Smart DNS in with a VPN plan, giving customers the options to stream popular channels direct to Smart TVs and other devices, while also providing all the necessary security required to keep the consumer safe online from computers and mobile devices.