Best VPN Providers Review: HidemyAss VPN

Hide My Ass (HMA) is a VPN service with 940 servers in 190 different countries, offering the opportunity to hide behind over 120,000 different IP addresses.

This ensures sensitive web traffic is concealed, giving users freedom and anonymity which is combined with ease of use.

The company claim their Pro VPN software is the most advanced personal VPN software on the market, with the most features.

It is easy for the user to configure a preferred VPN connection choosing an IP address that’s best suited to requirements, such an unblocking websites or video streaming, etc.

The software gives speed tests so users can find the quickest VPN servers in each specified country and also HMA has no data transfer limit so there’s no problem downloading bigger files.

Web proxy and upload or redirect services are also included for free in the HMA Pro VPN package.

The organisation does keep records and logs of user activities, such as IP address, connect and disconnect times, and they do say illegal activity could result in termination of the account.

Securing and encrypting internet connections using HMA is an easy matter, it’s just a case of installing the software, entering a username and password, choosing the most appropriate VPN server and clicking “connect”.

HidemyAss Pro VPN Client:

It’s easy to check server locations on the VPN server map provided, which also shows the user location so it’s not difficult to select servers located close by.

Where users select to default the VPN server the system will configure the closest available server to the user’s location as this will offer the fastest possible speeds.

Additionally when users require increased levels of anonymity a random VPN server choice will allocate servers in any location, in specific countries, or the user can create a custom random servers listing.

The software is compatible with multiple protocols, so there’s no need for added software. They also have a french website.

While in operation, the useful load balancing service on the system checks out the availability of any nearby servers and advises the user of the server with least connected users.

This way the connection is made to the least loaded server and it’s possible to load balance between specified locations or different countries.

The Secure IP Bind option can be selected to ensure users can only log into applications when the VPN service is operational and thus will never be exposed to unencrypted web browsing. Some other useful features of the software include debugging and proxy support.

Hiding an online identity is becoming a popular service for users as it increases web security and gives the user the ability to surf the web with confident anonymity.